Rustic Homes in Second Life

Make a home for your character! Priced as low as a cup of coffee per week, you can rent one of our artisan residences and enjoy:

  • Actual home for use in stories and private scenes
  • Furnish and personalize your space
  • Lockable doors
  • Estate security monitoring for griefers
  • Set home location (CTRL+H)

Available homes may be rented by visiting in-world and paying the For Rent sign. Pricing is based on location and prim allowance:

Property Type Region Price Prims

Need more prims? To help support the community, we sell a limited number artisan land parcels to make your IC and/or OOC home in SL – your own piece of Outbreak. All we ask is you follow the covenant and furnish your land in-theme with the rest of the sim.

Vehicle & Horse Permits

Special perks are offered for those who wish to support the sim and the costs to run it! You can drive your own vehicle or ride a horse depending on the permit you get! Note, there is a very limited number of them available.

Vehicle & Horse Guidelines

Learn more horse and vehicle permits...

Availability Property Region Price Updated

Private Businesses

A proposal is required to rent a private business. Private business tenants earns 4x more payout and access to the leaders group and forum. Some of the available shops also offer a loft upstairs for private quarters.

Business Guide

Learn more about running your own business...

Property Region Price Prims Idea