Survival HUD

Built from the ground up for text-based role-play, the Survival HUD in Outbreak is designed to track your character’s development, interact with immersion features in the environment and reinforce the dire nature of the story.


  • Maintaining fair health enables players to discover loot while scavenging, hunting animals, or combating another player.
  • Activities like scavenging, hunting, combat with other players, and killing the Infected may be risky to your health.
  • Resting at businesses or faction camps (avatar presence inside) will incrementally improve your health.
  • Resting in a hospital bed will rapidly improve your health.
  • Seeking medical treatment from player staff and acquiring the Hospital Treatment pack will significantly improve your health.
  • Using a Small Medkit will improve health when incurring severe injuries.


  • Consumption of wild meat and scavenged food may pose a health risk at all times.
  • The health alert icon will become visible when sick; clicking on the icon will display what illness and symptoms the character is suffering with to incorporate into their role-play.
  • Antibiotics (one or two doses depending on the severity) is required before recovery can begin (see health alert to see if suffering or recovering).
  • When suffering (untreated), hydration and wellness is negatively impacted.
  • When recovering, hydration and wellness will begin to improve until the sickness passes automatically with time spent on the island.

Hunger & Thirst

  • Edible items may be acquired by scavenging, hunting game, purchasing goods from businesses, or trading with other players.
  • Starvation and dehydration will incrementally decrease your overall health.

Rest at Home

  • Renting a home or a plot of land on sim will unlock the ability to recover significant health with a once a day.
  • While on an Alterscape sim, “Rest” button will automatically teleport players to their home.
  • Players with land in Fever will be teleported to the center of the sim and earn extra rest.


  • The green backpack button will display a dialog menu containing the number of ammo and cash your character has collected. Bullets and cash is the basic currency of the Island.
  • You can trade ammo and cash with other players so long as they are within RP range of your avatar.


  • The red dice button will allow you to propose an attack on an individual within RP range and yield the results to role-play to.
  • Character traits (instinct, aim, and luck) and experience (npc kills, hunts, etc.) are factored into the equation to recommend the most fair outcome.
  • Remember, role-play is not about winning or losing. Combat scenarios, especially for the defeated party, builds character and yields more role-play opportunity (hospital visit, revenge plans, etc.)

Story Progress

  • Page count represents the growth of a character in Outbreak.
  • Interaction with the many in-world features of Outbreak, from trading, working, consuming goods, to showing up on sim count towards growing your story.
  • Being active on the web, including discussing topics on the forums to extending your story through journal entries also count.
  • The higher the page count, the more resilient characters become to illnesses, improve accuracy with firearms, and much more.

Immersive Weather

  • The weather icon indicates the latest conditions on the island.
  • Use weather conditions to dress character appropriately.
  • Click the icon to learn more about the island, including the latest rumors and events.

Helpful Compass

  • The blue compass button displays a feed of the latest news and hints of activities going on in the island.
  • Quick access to mentors online and forums.


  • The tan-colored map button allows users to quickly access social media pages like Twitter and Flickr.
  • Quick access to the island map and guides to Outbreak is also available.