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  1. LaurelJones Resident

    Arklay – Day two

    So the town is called Arklay.  The people are pretty friendly, considering.  Not so friendly that I suspect they want  to butcher me for meat, but friendly enough.  Just people living day to...
  2. Gage Barrow


    Today I’m getting treatment in the hospital. The doctor seems really nice, and experienced in the field. She even gave me some water to drink and some food. I’m going...
  3. Gage Barrow

    Out of commission

    I’m in the hospital right now. I feel like I could sleep for days. Maybe I’m sick? Or maybe just exhausted from killing all of those infected. I hope I...
  4. Gage Barrow


    I went around town looking at places to apply. The general store seemed interesting, but mostly because of the magazine rack. There wasn’t much in there, though. I might consider...
  5. Gage Barrow

    A new identity

    I finally ran away from my uncle. I chopped my hair off and changed my name. I hope he won’t be able to find me. The pathetic part of me...
  6. SomethingScary

    Day ? – Deja Vu

    Long time no see, Arklay. Never thought I’d actually miss ya. Should find boss lady and apologize for not showing up to work for, uh… 3 months? Probably won’t, but...