Whether privately run or official, Outbreak has a number of businesses that provide trade and service to the survivors on the island. These businesses are also a great first step to explore and join to earn weekly pay. Players often band together for other role-play opportunity and is a great way to make new connections.

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Outbreak Emergency Services

Saving lives is what the heroes of the AES do. Whether patching up injuries or working on a cure for the infection, the AES are angels everyone will need someday.

Commodities likely found here:

First Aid
Hospital Treatment

The Eights

Welcome to The Eights, a part of Arklay that once offered Section 8 housing to the less fortunate. Now it is a little community banding together for survival.

Commodities likely found here:

Bruised Apple
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Orange Pepper
Indian Corn
Ripe Bananas
Fresh Banana
Produce Supplier

General Store

The trading post for small items such as candy, pop cans, and the smaller luxuries and essentials no-one thinks about but everyone needs, the store is essential to the survivors of Arklay.

Commodities likely found here:

Hunting Weapons and munitions.

Dixons Garage

Fixers, mechanics, handymen, Dixon's keeps the town running and is the only supplier of fuel on the island.

Commodities likely found here:

Fuel Can

Coach's Pub

Coach's is the first stop for many a weary traveler on their arrival to Arklay, and the only place with bona-fide actual real booze--some of it might has been described as ‘nail-polish remover’. Hard Booze and Hot Chicks, Coach’s doors are open to everyone who needs a place to take a load off and drown their sorrows while someone else handles the Creepers for a change.

Commodities likely found here:

Pale Ale Beer
Bottle of Bourbon
Indian Pale Ale
White Wine
Bottle of Champagne
Salvaged Beer
Beer Supplier

Outbreak Parlour

The Parlour is a hotbed for seedy activity, entertainment, and the occasional manicure or cut and dye job in this forsaken world. From intelligence gathering to releasing pent up aggression, keep your patrons happy and coming back for more.

Commodities likely found here:

Prescription Pills

Outbreak Diner

Got the munchies? Need to place to stop and rest? Sam n Ella's has you covered while offering the most fresh to death bite to eat around Arklay. Stop on by and grab a seat, take a load off your feet, and have a little something to eat!

Commodities likely found here:

Grilled Steak
Grilled Fish
Glazed Steak
Grilled Salmon
Boiled Salmon
Boiled Chicken
Meat Supplier

Outbreak Trading Co.

The ATC is where you go when you don't necessarily have all the cash you might need to get what you want. Have some recourses on you that you could do without, or maybe you just need something else more? Bring it on down to us and we'll make you a fair trade. Looking for supplies that you can't seem to find locally, want a little excitement to change up your routine? Join one of our supply runs.. oh and don't forget our freshly grilled fish!

Commodities likely found here:

Assault Weapons and munitions.