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AES: Dec. 2016 Updates and Information

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Please be sure you have read over last months updates as there is very important information there.  If you have not or would like a refresh please click here.

A few things to add

  • There is no set amount for charging for care, however please keep in mind that your actions reflect on the hospital as a whole.  If you are caught over charging for care it will be handled accordingly.  ((please check out this post!))
  • For those who have not seen the notices.  The price of medpacks have gone from $40 to $100 HUD cash with a daily limit of 3 per player and are to be only bought and used as roleplayed.  So if you did not roleplay going and getting something medical please do not buy one.  Commodities such as hospital treatments are a roleplay aid not for personal use/gain.  This is the same as any comod on the sim.
  • All concerns of your fellow employees should be brought to management/leads icly.  If we don't know it is going on we can not do anything about it.
  • MEDICATIONS: We are two years after the outbreak.  Meds have a short shelf life.  They become unstable and not as effective as they once were.  Please keep this in mind when handing them out.  We don't have just anything.
  • Is there a doctor in here?  So you want to become a doctor? Great! Please know we want everyone to get to play the part they want however we can't have 20 doctors and 2 nurses.  Nurses are what keeps a hospital going.  So please know it is a very important role, however if you still want to be a doctor here are a few things the lead looks for before handing out the doctor tag: (a.) The players characters backstory must fit the part, such as being an appropriate age to be a doctor.  Please no child genius stuff.  There is no way to look up and see who is board cert. so the lead will just icly think the player is lying if they are 20 and say they are a brain surgeon.  It takes years to become a doctor, keep that in mind! ((please do not play a doctor unless you have received your doctor tag, or rather not a doctor with AES)) (b.) You have been with AES for 30+ days.  This is so you see how things are done here, what meds we have and how we treat people post-apocalypses.  (c.) Do your job and do it right, turn in charts, wear your scrubs and act right icly this is a promotion! ((one without a pay raise)) (d.) Make sure you fill out your paper work with correct information about being a doctor prior to the OB, so the lead knows who wants to be a doctor.  As you are icly being watched, the Chief would notice your skills as a practicing doctor regardless of a title. If this is all done the lead will contact you and see if you are interested when a doctor spot comes open as we like to keep a fair ratio of doctor/nurses at all times.
  • H1NZ Virus Vs. The Infected:  There seems to be some confusion on the two and want to try and set it straight for anyone who maybe unsure.
    H1ZN “The Zombie Flu”: is a virus that iso spread among the residents of Arklay from the outside. To most people, this new contagion looks identical to the zombie virus (the infected) and unless your character is medically trained they will likely suspect that they or their loved ones are infected.  The differences lie in the final hours of the illness, where the infected person does not typically die of the virus itself.  At times the lead will start a new outbreak of the virus by picking a new person on sim that agrees to the story arc that they have come to Arklay infected with the virus.  At which time they will be given a NC to hand out to anyone who comes within 2m of them.  Then the person can chose rather they want to become sick too, and this repeats until it has run its coarse.  People can not just start this without leads approval or the NC.  There is no real treatment for the virus other than treating the symptoms and there is no antivirals either (at this time).  However ICly those who have been sick with it before seem to be immune to it.
    The Infected Bundibugyo Ebolavirus-Z (BEBOV-Z), or The Contagion: Is what has re-animated the dead.  The Contagion is primarily spread through blood contact with the Infected. While scratches and surface level injuries will begin an onset of symptoms, only deep flesh wounds from bites and direct blood-to-blood contact will require amputation or experimental serums to avoid fatality.  Meaning once you have been infected you will either lose a limb (is possible) or you will have to be put down or you risk turning.  There is NO serum at this time, there was one but the lab and all the records was destroyed.  For more information on this you can click here and here.  (NOTE: There are NO carries of the zombie virus) Also staff members please if you have anyone come in saying they are bit IM them, if they are new explain to them they there are two options amputation or death and they will have to RP this out, no voided it once they carry on with it.  A lot of new people are not aware of this.  If they have started the scene as bitten and want to opt out, just change it to an animal attack or something else.
  • Currently looking for lab techs.  Players with backgrounds in biochemistry, research and any medical/science field.  To start making meds that we will be running out of, maybe trying to find a cure, and experimenting on people or even cooking up drugs of a different nature.  Please contact Kay Macalroy (KayKay Stine) in-world for more details.

Think that about covers it, other than we are always looking for staff for all fields of the AES!  Thank you all so much for you hard work and dedication.




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  • This topic was modified 5 years, 9 months ago by Profile photo of KayKay Stine KayKay Stine.
  • This topic was modified 5 years, 9 months ago by Profile photo of KayKay Stine KayKay Stine.
  • This topic was modified 5 years, 9 months ago by Profile photo of KayKay Stine KayKay Stine.

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