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Proposal – The Eights ( 1 )

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Dale Madden – Syn Wytchwood


The Eight's

By Kiriishiki Resident

OVERVIEW: Eight's is a collection of maintenance workers, and green thumbs that offers its own little flavor. with its high walls and ability to grow its own food, i could honestly be it's own self sustaining community. The fact it exist as part of another community as a whole means its become more refined to do it's 'thing' than self sustain. I plan to capitalize on this and push the produce as hard as I can. Both Sam 'n' Ella's and coaches could benefit from working with Eight's for fresh produce be it for meals or, in drinks. As well as any other group needing their veggies. As well as maybe use these facilities that produce so much to maybe grow something a little 'extra' to sell. I plan to maintain the monthly farmers market, as its a good idea to drive commerce, but, also try and push little jobs for maintenance to do, like fixing the buildings, or the growing facilities. As well as maybe outsource them to other factions to do repairs. (competitions with Dixon's no doubt but competition is good) Misu, my character, would fit in well as shes always done little odd jobs, be it handy work, cleaning, helping with this or that.She understands the hard work that comes with the type of commodities Eights provides, as well as has the right kind of heart to still maintain that sense of communities the housing project has.

EXPERIENCE:I've been on SL for over five years now, and a lot of that time ive spent as a leader for various factions, as well as staff positions, but sims close and groups die out. I've grown used to the stress of players problems, hosting events, talking with other staff. And dont lose heart if things are slow or quiet as everything goes through phases. I also have -a lot- of free time. (i mean i clocked in like 3000 hours last week alone just at work, not including off job RPs) I feel i could channel a lot of that free time into events and doing things as a faction lead.

We all have demons, I just choose to embrace mine.

December 19, 2017 at 11:03 am
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December 19, 2017 at 7:05 pm
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