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The Dollhouse: Updates (26 Mar 2017)

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Dollhouse Graphic (resized)

[[All changes and updates are marked with BOLD-ITALICIZED text.]]

If you take a walk around Arklay, up the hills, beyond the gates and on the outskirts of the city, you'll come across a small parlor. The Red Lights are the Beacons that guide you to the one place in Arklay where Paradise is not a fantasy, but a luxury. The Dollhouse is a place where worries are left at the door, and the world outside falls away. Offering Grooming, hygiene and cosmetic services as well as those that feed more the more carnal needs of the guests.

Current Owner: Donovan Sulija (Malkaia Askari)

Open Positions:

  • Dollhouse Doll - Responsible for Lust n Thrust services.
  • Gigolo - Male version of Doll.
  • Runner - Security and Transport
  • DH Staff - Responsible for other services that do not involve Lust n Thrust services. I.E. Beautician, Masseuse, Errands, Upkeep.

Freelance Jobs: These jobs will be given out as needed. Inquire with Donovan Sulija about freelance work.

Supplies Needed:

  • Incense (any aroma)
  • Batteries (all sizes)
  • Candles (Preferably Scented, any color and Aroma)
  • Pool Cleaning Supplies. (Nets, Scrubbers, water filters. NO CHLORINE.)
  • Disinfectant
  • Vinegar
  • Soap (preferably scented)
  • Perfumes (any kind)
  • Oils (Vegetable or Olive oil is okay!)
  • Detergent (any kind)
  • Nail and Hair care Supplies
  • Condoms & lube (lots of lube!)

Weekly Events:

  • Topless Tuesdays - Spa and Beauty Services Half Price
  • Fetish Fridays - All services Half Price
  • Sophisticated Saturdays - Free Baths for all Citizens
  • Sinful Sundays - Lust n Thrust Services Half Price

Upcoming Events:

  • Grand Re-Opening Event: Flesh Auction (8 April 2017)
    • The Dollhouse is sponsoring a Leather and Lace Bondage event. The Main attraction will be a Masquerade Auction for the Dolls of the Dollhouse, as well as other volunteers from the City. Come out and enjoy the show.
    • Those who are interested in the Auction can inquire with Donovan Sulija (Malkaia.Askari) at the Dollhouse.
    • Shop owners who are interested in setting up vendors, and selling their wares during the event may also inquire with Donovan Sulija (Malkaia.Askari) at the Dollhouse.
    • All other questions and concerns can be directed to Donovan Sulija (Malkaia.Askari) at the Dollhouse.

Spa/Salon/Barbershop (Paid in HUD$ or trade):

  • Manicure-$40
  • Pedicure-$40
  • Manicure/Pedicure-$70
  • Eyebrow Waxing-$20
  • Full Body Waxing-$75
  • Hair styling/Barbering-$30
  • Hot Spring Bath-$50
  • Full Body Scrub-$125
  • Regular Massage-$150

Lust n Thrust Services (Paid in HUD$):

  • Cuddle Buddy: $50
  • Hand job: $75
  • Oral intercourse: $100
  • Straight Lay: $125
  • BDSM Services: $150
  • Happy-Ending Massage-$200

(Inquire within for other sexual services not listed)

Products Sold (Paid in HUD$):

  • Prescription Pills- $70
  • Joints-$45 (Limit 3 per Customer)
  • Water [Available again] - $25 (Limit 2 Per Customer)

Other Services (Paid in HUD$ or Trade):

Coming soon...

~First rule when dealing with the devil... ~

March 26, 2017 at 8:42 am
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