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  1. Jubal Quintus

    Three Years

    Three years. Hard to reckon with that but it’s true. Found this old composition book and thought I might as well keep a journal. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll...
  2. Sketch Fairey


    Day three still – smoked with lethabo , made him feel better. We laid down for a time. Been long time since sleep good. I gather much food today for...
  3. ThrowingPesos Resident


    Great sorrow for number. I no know number in English well. Bad time far, dood after me, never stop. I go to wood, dood, I go to town, dood. I...
  4. Sketch Fairey

    day three

    Day three – Lethabo is very hurt. I find pills and buy med kit but he is still hurt. He tripping balls as american say. Ate something bad. We find...
  5. Thora Larsen

    End of Day 3

    End of day 3 on the island. Got a job as a mechanic at the shop in town; it’ll be nice to be useful again and to make some money....
  6. Thora Larsen

    Day2 – 3

    Beginning of day 3 on the island. What year is it, even? I’ll have to check my logs to start dating entries properly again… Yesterday, Jubal and I found a...
  7. Sketch Fairey


    Day two – we trade to get ammo we can be using. We also get arrows. I had to use a arrow to be killing a dood short after. Was...
  8. Sketch Fairey


    First day  – got water from man at fishing dock.  Says they will have dried fish soon. Check back for dried fish.  Man gave us warning of people in town....