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  1. Rilyc Barzane

    Things Remembered

    (Journal is written in fluent Russian) My life has been so morose lately that I am starting to wonder if this is what others call depression. Of course with everything...
  2. Sweetie

    Warehouse Run

    Went on a scavenge, but like a proper one, you know, driving there, warehouse, the lot. It was Kim who gave me the heads up. She was brilliant, covered me...
  3. Lykin Dagger

    End of the day

    Well found a job.. at the General store.. nice little place.. Met a woman named Strawberry Fox or whatever.. fucking HOT! I can see myself settling here in time if...
  4. Lykin Dagger

    New arrival

    Here I am.. in Arklay.. interesting place.. survivors everywhere.. it has been wonderful to see so many that actually have survived.. are they worth a fuck though? I have yet...
  5. Sweetie

    Dead Alive

    I try… I really try. Everyday. I totally try my hardest. I try to forget. I really really do. But at night, when I’m in my hiding place, when it’s...