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  1. jennavecia Fang

    Davy Crockett

                             Hello it’s me again not much to say things are about the same only thing new is that I have almost master the fine art of hunting wild animals...
  2. jennavecia Fang

    Pockets 2

                                   So it seems that I didn’t get my thoughts on paper the first time so here I go again ,sounds like a old song called ‘so here I go...
  3. Delia

    Back again.

    You know, no matter how many times I end up running from this place, I always find myself back. You’d think after everything I’d witnessed and went through here, I’d...
  4. jennavecia Fang

    Journal maddness

              Yeah been a while since I last enter anything so I thought I might give it a go ..well where does one start knowing there is going to be no...