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  1. kwauzzie1 Resident

    The Fairground

    grass stains cover her pants as she slides down the side of the hill into a world that once was. Standing there taking in what had happened. The repugnant odor...
  2. Sweetie

    blah blah blah

    So I was like heading back to mine after my shift at the caff, totally dead apart from Eve’s endless blah blah blah. Oh my gosh, does she have verbal...
  3. Sweetie

    Stupid Effing Goat

    Okies… so today I had my first go at milking the goat and er… it really didn’t go to plan. Coz I was sposed to end up with some goat...
  4. Rumor

    Settled Down Into Something

    So I’ve been here like, what… two weeks? Feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago. The start was difficult. People had a right to be weary of newcomers. I am...