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  1. Cobb

    Simple Times

    I had a nice long talk with Ben today. Longest conversation we’ve had. He’s human after all. The dude is quite intelligent as well, and his service commitment is extraordinary....
  2. Sweetie

    Square One

    Ufff… Did the walkabout. Not good. Slept in some abandoned houses, stayed clear of the ones that looked like they had people coz, you know, the more like isolated they...
  3. Sweetie

    Walk About

    Okies… so I’m like still totally in two minds about this place. Stuff’s kinda okay here, you know, when you think about it, I guess, compared to other stuff anyways....
  4. Anna

    Day 895

    Today was pretty good. Sweetie came by to visit again which always is great. I like having company and I feel like that many people aren’t out and about. The...
  5. Sweetie

    Fat Belly

    Oh my gosh but like what a difference a fat belly makes! I mean, this time yesterday I was like totally thinking I was gonna have to go back to...
  6. Kestrel

    .carrots with that.

    Got a job!woo. I can barely remember a time when getting out of bed because I had to get to work on time was my biggest nemesis and pain in...



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