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  1. Kestrel

    .so far so good.

    I found an old notebook, even though I suppose I should be looking for more useful stuff. All in good time? I got a job too, which will make settling...
  2. joanne1979 resident

    Fish Food

    I scavenged twice yesterday and found nothing both times, I’m not having much luck finding a damn thing so decided to head to ATC to buy some supplies.  It’s not...
  3. Sweetie

    I hate maths!!!

    Why’s maths soo hard! But I totally need a weapon! Got cornered by a rot… just managed to limp away with rotten meat (again!) and had to lick my wounds...
  4. Christine Summerland

    Journal #01

      Well, this is Arklay is it? The “community”. So far, haven’t seen anything spectacular. Took me nearly a week of waiting before I even got noticed by someone at...
  5. Anna

    Day 889

    Things have been a little slow and I’ve been a bit spacey. I feel like things have been pretty quiet these days. I don’t mind it, but I do like...
  6. Sweetie


    Jackpot! I found some baccy! All sealed in its pouch too! How totally cool is that? Ok… so there’s no actual papers anywhere but I found an old bible by...
  7. UtaUmeko Resident

    Whata Morning

    Happened upon life in Coach’s bar.  Thank the gods there was life.  Was able to get some food and water.  Extending my survival.  Now to search for a job…..
  8. Sweetie

    Honey Monster

    People here keep on telling me I need to get a gun and I’m kinda thinking they’re probly right. Coz yesterday I saw this turkey. I’m pretty sure it was...