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  1. Sweetie


    So I’ve ended up with a puppy… yeah, I know, like huh? But it like totally wasn’t planned. I was out kinda exploring some, when I came across it. At...
  2. katonia aries

    The New Arrival

    Dear Diary, Today I met a new-comer on the island and had to do a mandatory checkup for new arrivals on him to make sure he is not infected and...
  3. Ben Darcy

    Making my way back

    It has been months since I have written something here. My last entry was escaping an old hospital on the mainland, I thought I had succeeded. Until I woke up...
  4. Tobias Haven

    Day 2

      So this island I landed on seems to actually have people who live here.. (how the hell would I have guessed) Met a southern peach think she called her...