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  1. Abel Tempest

    Days Gone By

    It’s only been a few days since I was so excited all these people decided to flock to me and the Dogs of Hell, things are settling in slow, but...
  2. Jer Vought

    Fear the Turkey!

    Day 1 today we killed a few zombies, looted some food while scavenging with Van… then along came a turkey that whooped the shit out of us… we gotta find...
  3. Sweetie

    Gangs and shit

    So there I am, kinda like just getting back into the routine of stuff here, you know, working at the caff and stuff, when who only goes and walks into...
  4. Eithan Hill

    WHY..? WHYYYY?!

    I don’t see WHY this shit has to happen to ME! Normally I don’t get caught off guard.. but apparently fate had other plans for me. I almost met my...
  5. Abel Tempest

    Dogs Update

      I feel a completeness in every aspect of that word, my family, the Dogs of Hell MC is growing fast, it’s like people are flocking to me and my...
  6. Eithan Hill

    A New Beginning?

    It has been about a year since I discovered my deceased partner.. I had been wandering and fell upon Arklay back then. Those days I was far more naive and...
  7. Sweetie

    Lost Voices

    I had to go check, I spose I knew it was gonna be all pointless, but I still totally had to go check. It was like the middle of the...