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  1. Jaythen Jiadom

    Salty Cake

    Wow, I can say that the energy around the city is so good. Besides seeing a few reanimated infected organisms running around and thieves, I can say I love it here....
  2. zoey22-redstar

    What the…

    *sits near the diner, scribbling in her notepad* Its starting to get harder and harder for me to concentrate! I’ve heard of places i can buy some stuff but whenever...
  3. Irish Viking


    So .. just another day.. seems a lot of the town is out on outings.. I went to the store and fixed the fridges so they would be more quiet.....
  4. Aleriah

    Returned to life

    I am starting to settle in at Arklay. It feels different this time, better somehow, and I got an apartment! Thankfully! It was rather uncomfortable to sleep on the harbor. ...