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Arklay – Updates and Changes. A New Direction for Arklay

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Along with the changes in factions (see here), we are introducing a few changes in the backdrop and story of Arklay.   Please read below.

It’s been two years and some months since the Outbreak.  The infected, while still a concern, are not the biggest worry for survivors nowadays.  Most people have learned how to handle them and some might have gotten used to the sound of moaning and shuffling in the night.  The real concern now are protecting what you do have from the living.

In the past few winter months the Island of Arklay grew quiet.  The unusually heavy rains of the season drove most of the population to higher ground on the mainland and off island--many afraid of flooding and landslides (as were happening in California), leaving a quiet, unprotected town with a handful of residents that dared stay.

A small town with no real organization, no leadership or government or even a local, organized militia, left it wide open for a passing group to take over the town with little to no resistance.  A man who calls himself “The Founder” (no one knows his real name, we think it's Seymour) has taken residence in the high-rise in the middle of town, has had his people mingle in with what was left of the island, organized a few things and set out laws.  Most don’t know what to make of him…  most don’t know what he looks like.

For the most part The Founder is an “alright guy”.  His main interest appears to be in keeping the town “peaceful” and somewhat orderly without infringing too much into people’s businesses.   Thinking ahead in this new world, his goal is for the place to thrive, since he somehow gets a cut in all this, and if the place is “successful” so is he.  In his line of thinking, walling off a town invites assumptions and speculation about what’s inside, and invites attacks from outsiders.  Instead he hopes to have prosperous trading post with open doors to travelers fringe dwellers to come into town.  Whether or not he has ulterior motives, is still unknown--but rumors abound.  Some say he has a harem of slaves, or speculate when anyone disappears that The Founder had a hand in that.  But those are just rumors!

So far The Founder has:

1 Rallied the people of Arklay into forming a coalition, a group of people to represent the town and meet regularly to discuss town issues.   Townspeople are encouraged to hold their own meetings, and elect a Speaker to bring issues and suggestions to The Founder.
2. Drew up simple, easy-to-follow town rules.
3. He ordered and supported the organization of The Watchmen--a law-enforcement-type group of townspeople to enforce the rules and patrol the town.


Not much is changing, the purpose of The Founder is simply to give the town a backstory and support the idea of having a somewhat organized, neutral trading post.

“The Founder” is an NPC managed by admins to issue decrees, change IC rules, and further story lines at Admin discretion and at the suggestion of Story Weavers.  He cannot be overthrown, ousted, etc.  He has handful of close henchmen or assistants that are available and disposable, with prior approval, for attempts to overthrow or to kill off.

The Founder is not concerned with things happening outside the town boundaries (see Arklay Map).  In essence, the town has become, a bustling trade post of sorts--a wild west town, or think of it as the Mos Eisley of the Zombie Apocalypse, the village ran by Carnegie in The Book of Eli, or other similar post apoc towns--as it was never walled in and we’ve never shared everything like Alexandria, Terminus, or the Prison as depicted on TWD.  The Watchmen, or The Founder, won’t meddle much into personal affairs, unless accusations are brought up.
The Arklay Coalition is IC led by The Founder, but OOC business owners and/or other civic-minded residents would organize and run/lead---i.e. Hold town halls/meetings, organize issues, send updates to the Founder.

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