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  1. Cobb

    Simple Times

    I had a nice long talk with Ben today. Longest conversation we’ve had. He’s human after all. The dude is quite intelligent as well, and his service commitment is extraordinary. He genuinely likes to help newcomers. After our talk, we ambled on in separate ways. I made it to Sam...
  2. Cobb

    The Escape. The return. The Fascination.

    Arklay. The town that had seared my soul. Turned me about. Took me to some very dark places. Dearest, kindest Arklay. I’m back, you motherfucker. It wasn’t that I had to leave. It was more like open flight. Away from the drugs, the dark and intense world of BSDM. Away from...
  3. Cobb

    Not her. HER.

    You understand, don’t you, my friend… So sweet. So innocent. No. Not her. HER. You, my beloved, dog eared, stained-in-blood journal. You understand, don’t you? You understand what it means to me to see a barrage of lead, unleashed. On her. The sharp cracks, too many… too many… followed by...
  4. Cobb

    The Darkness Falls

    I’m exhausted. I should feel guilty. Ashamed. Fear. Something. But I don’t. I got high at the Sour Diesel shop. I felt happy for a while. I bought two extra joints, but haven’t fired them up. They detract from the experience. I tried talking about it with Burn. She was...
  5. Cobb

    Just Focus & Fucking Do It

    One thing about Arklay. Seems a lot of things get started, but rarely finished. I’m aware of efforts to restart some sort of council, raise Arklay from the Wild West to some sort of Ordered Democracy. Of sorts. I don’t know all the details. I don’t need to. If I could...
  6. Cobb

    The Darkness Within

    Addendum to prior entry. I may burn this page, but I had to flesh it out… I had to stop myself. In a private room with a newcomer. A very vulnerable newcomer. I felt the darkness rising when she suddenly clung to me. The “do it/don’t do it” conflict raged...
  7. Cobb

    The Overwatch Patrol – Hunting Newcomers

    I probably shouldn’t be alone. Not this far from support. But this was it. This is where they come from. The bridge. It gets horribly lonely out here, and I go through bullets quickly. Something about this area attracts them. Zombies, creepers. I have a fear of raiders, but I...
  8. Cobb

    The Change before Christmas

    Christmas?  The fuck for? I don’t get it. Some people seem really in the holiday spirit. The world teeters on the brink, and they still go through the motions. Let them. It shouldn’t phase me that badly. Any measure of goodwill in this crazy, twisted world is for the better....
  9. Cobb

    On and Off the Road Again

    I’ve been out of the loop. 60 long ass days. Exploring the mainland wasn’t all I thought it’d be. Feral animals are everywhere. The dead are decomposing, leaving traces of God-knows-what toxins in the environment. Roads and highways are overgrown. I saw some scavengers from a  distance, but laid low....
  10. Cobb

    Two Weeks In

    Fucking damn hard to believe two weeks have passed by. He’s slowly still adapting to the economy and relations with those who control might live and die. Mainly those with water, food and supplies. It’s definitely an small-scale oligarchy here, but seemingly a benign one. Cobb was a mess when he got here....