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  1. katonia aries

    Bonfire Gone Wrong

    Dear Dairy, This is most eventful day I’ve had since been on Arklay Island. When I first woke up this morning I went to go check on my sister Groovy in the hospital where she had been sick from drinking nasty water and getting dysentery from it. Groovy seem to...
  2. katonia aries

    Swept Away

    Dear Diary, Its been awhile since I’ve written in my Journal after few days of exploring Arklay Island. I’ve encounter couple of the infected zombies on the island but nothing like on the main-land; however, I managed to survive the attacks without a weapon. The island is great place to...
  3. katonia aries

    Day 2

    Day 2- Dear Diary, Pt. 1 Me and my sisters traveled around the island looking at all the different shops and places that was for sale. I was really intrigued on how the survivors are managing to survive. We finally found the hospital which had a free survival kit and...
  4. katonia aries

    Day 1

    Dear Diary, I finally arrived on the island at least what I hoped was the island from the broadcast after being separated from my two sisters Groovy and Jenna. I had to travel through woods and encounter a stranger begging for spare can of food told him I didn’t have...