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  1. Rylie Arrington

    New Day, Same Story

      Before I decided to write in my journal, I flipped back through the other pages. It’s been a long while since I wrote anything. And now counting the days I’ve been here is much less important than just surviving from day to day. But here I sit again “talking”...
  2. Rylie Arrington

    My First Run

    The refrain runnin through my mind at the moment about the whole thing…it could’ve gone better. I’m here laid up in bed for the past few days. Barely moving hurts. But still, time waits for no one. So I’m back to work. Guess I should lay it all out from...
  3. Rylie Arrington

    Day Two – Learning to Trust?

    Well…diary…journal…whatever. Looks like I’m still at Arklay. So far so good. Not really the longest I’ve stayed in one place if I’m counting holing up in my dorm room for a month or two…and I do count it. But that was a place I was familiar with. This place, not...
  4. Rylie Arrington

    Is It REALLY Safe?

    Well, here I am. Arklay. Not sure what all I’ve gotten myself into here. Breakin one of my own rules about stickin it out in a town. But I’m tired of bein on my own. Been too long since I’ve talked to anyone really. Figured it out bout five seconds...