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  1. GroovyPeace Resident

    Days Past..

    Wow how the days have past since my sisters and I arrived at the Island…we have met so many survivors and news ones that are coming in on a daily its great seeing so many people these days.. Days working at the Diner are good and my sisters are doing...
  2. deteric-furyo

    Different directions

    I enjoy what I do at the Pub.. it’s peaceful, I get to meet people and learn more about this place from different perspectives.. but at the same time I feel I could do more.. I know I wont be behind that counter forever.. in fact, I noticed there is...
  3. kendall69-resident

    6 Days

    He went missing for six days, had me worried sick…i couldn’t help myself as i wandered into the main land to see if i can find him… My heart bleed while i worried about what could happen… so many things even for a strong man like my husband… as i...
  4. Regin Dragovar

    Little Sister

    I ran into Awna today hunting in the woods outside town. Talk about a small world. Kid gave me a hug like I mattered to her. When I asked about her family, it made sense why. Last I saw her she was heading for a little Utah town where someone...
  5. deteric-furyo

    Back in the saddle

    I have been taking time out of my routine to get some rest at the Shelter, since my last stay in the hospital. Ankle is doing better, so that is a benefit, but I still feel like there’s so much to do.. not that I need to, but yet I...
  6. jennavecia Fang


                                                              Hello ,just me again in another fun filled apocalyptic day at Arklay Island nothing really to chat about things are as good as I think they will ever be tho I have been seeing a lot of new faces on the island so I think the main land still...