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  1. IIParadoxII Resident

    A Suppressed Psychopath

    Her head pounded and throbbed like trying to wake up from a bad hangover, but this pain was far more worse and made her entire body ache with irritable chills. It hadn’t even been twenty-fours hours when Riley arrived at the goddamn forsaken island. She had already managed getting into...
  2. StarlinRae Resident

    Mumbled Musings

    Starlin spent the last several hours sipping water in the attic of some abandoned farmhouse and rubbing her face on various pieces of clothing she’d found there while dictating a journal entry to the mannequins who were doing a very poor job of recording her words. She wasn’t too upset...
  3. Regin Dragovar

    Damn Lucky

    It never turns out like it does in the movies, but at least nobody died. Nobody who wasn’t dead already. I prefer hunting them. Nobody rushing in blind with panicked heroics or blocking a shot. I have *got* to get more bolts for my bow. Throwing half a bowl of...
  4. Sweetie


    So I’ve kinda slipped back into the old routine pretty easy like nothing much’s changed. Jenna’s there when I get to the caff for my shift which is cool. The pub’s still no smoking, which is like majorly not cool. Nore’s scrapped the paper and opened a hostel and something...
  5. SomethingScary

    Day One – Reconsidering

    Maybe I misjudged this place. Maybe. It’s got a bar with… Well, not good moonshine. Wouldn’t go that far. But it’s strong enough to get nice and fucked up on and that’s something. The people I’ve met so far actually seem like they could be my kind of folks, at least...