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  1. Sweetie


    I hate Christmas, I really do… Everybody pretending everything’s like totally normal when it soo isn’t. I think it was having to do the tree thing for the caff. After that, I kinda had to go awol, coz I guess it totally pressed all the wrong buttons. I couldn’t pretend...
  2. kendall69-resident

    Dec 30th

    Mark is still in the mainland… Its never taken one of us this long to go get supplies… he left yesterday morning… he would be the one to go farther then we said we wouldn’t. If i went that far out i would be lookin at some major yelling when...
  3. deteric-furyo

    Tough Decisions

    Things are not bad here at Arklay.. well, the people for the most part are friendly enough, and the community seems to have the potential to be a good thing in this world.. though the Infected that find their way onto the streets are an issue.. I had been taking...
  4. deteric-furyo

    New Hope

    It’s been awhile since I last wrote anything.. I had started losing faith. I have lost track of time, and can only guess it has been about three years since the outbreak occurred, based on the weather changes.. but even those are not the same.. nothing is. Everything seems empty, dead,...
  5. Karma

    Seven Days In

    It’s been a week now, and for some reason I haven’t moved on. Sure the townsfolk have been kind, helpful and there’s plenty of resources to be had. But, I can’t shake this feeling that it won’t last long. The couple from the shelter have been a huge help. I...
  6. kendall69-resident

    Back home…

    Well its been a year since I’ve been here… seems this old thing was just were i left it…  at-least that didn’t change.. a lot has… Last here I came to town with my now ex wife.. we just wanted to help.. working at AES we took charge of our...
  7. Dymitir Resident

    Day of the 4

    Another good day. No one died yet though. RR had a party, Got a place to stay now. Things are looking up so far. RR seems to really like having me around, at least Elisa does anyway. Time will tell what happens tomorrow. For now just keep doing what I...