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  1. Jordana

    All Rained Out

    June 19th, 2017. Monday.   I made a few new friends today. I think. Met ’em both at the diner. One was named Sweetie and the other was named Addie. Addie made me some stew and then we went over to Coach’s for a drink. They have new owners, again....
  2. Jordana

    Birthday #21

    Tuesday, June 13th, 2017. Twenty one. Well, I can legally drink now. Doesn’t matter much now I guess. I’ve been alone all day. I miss Lina and Brett, I wish I could spend this with them. I just wanna listen to music and lay in bed with them. I’ve been...
  3. Sweetie

    Be a cool fool!

    Oh my gosh… talk about a roller coaster! Still kinda like totally trying to wrap my head around it, but major wow! Coz basically… I kissed a boy and I liked it! (Soo got that song in my head now!) Well, he’s not a boy, I mean he’s like all...
  4. Anna

    Day 895

    Today was pretty good. Sweetie came by to visit again which always is great. I like having company and I feel like that many people aren’t out and about. The weather has been better than it normally is, so I would think people would be taking advantage. Guess everyone has...
  5. Sweetie

    Fat Belly

    Oh my gosh but like what a difference a fat belly makes! I mean, this time yesterday I was like totally thinking I was gonna have to go back to the mainland even… big time, coz nothing was happening slowly, no work, no weapon… just cat food and dodgy water...
  6. Sweetie

    I hate maths!!!

    Why’s maths soo hard! But I totally need a weapon! Got cornered by a rot… just managed to limp away with rotten meat (again!) and had to lick my wounds for like ages… argh! Totally gotta get a weapon. But everything’s so expensive ffs! I mean water’s like more expensive...
  7. Christine Summerland

    Journal #01

      Well, this is Arklay is it? The “community”. So far, haven’t seen anything spectacular. Took me nearly a week of waiting before I even got noticed by someone at the hospital/shelter that could show me were the so called food was they handed out to people. And what was...
  8. Anna

    Day 889

    Things have been a little slow and I’ve been a bit spacey. I feel like things have been pretty quiet these days. I don’t mind it, but I do like being around people. There is the newer face I’ve been seeing lately. I know you shouldn’t call a guy cute,...