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Entry 1

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Four years ago today was my pregnancy. 3 years, 5 months, and one week since my miscarriage. I won’t cry. Not this time. I’ll be strong, stronger than I’ve ever been. The dead walk the Earth, and I don’t have the fucking luxury of breaking down, now.

Second day in Arklay city. I still don’t have any weapons or ammo. I’m thirsty. God, I’ve never been so thirsty. I guess you take running water for granted when it’s always available. What I wouldn’t give for a cup of ice water.

I smell like the woods. And not the pine trees and flowers kind. The smell of animal shit and rotting carcasses. I hear there’s free baths on Saturdays, and I am definitely taking them up on that offer, even though it’s in a building that sounds suspiciously like a whorehouse. I don’t want to think about what other fluids are in that bath, but by God I don’t even care anymore.