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The Arrival

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I arrived at a place called Arklay Island on July 28, 2018. It’s been exactly 1327 days since the Outbreak first began. Upon getting here I managed to stumble across a crossbow in defense of encountering the undead. While the idea of death does not scare me, dying here just isn’t an option of mine. Though I haven’t seen any other survivors just yet, I know that there out there. Through my exploration of the island, I was able to locate what appears to be a hospital with a dumpster located on the other side. In need of food, I began to shuffle through the dumpster and was lucky enough to find a can of corn. Needless to say that it staved my hunger, as well as the dehydration I would’ve occurred, had I not stopped for a second glance. I don’t know what’s in store for me here at, but I’m determined to make it out alive.