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Pockets 2

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                               So it seems that I didn’t get my thoughts on paper the first time so here I go again ,sounds like a old song called ‘so here I go again on my own ‘ not sure of who use to sing it but yeah lol. As I said the first time I was going threw my backpack of many pockets I came across an old faded pic of our parents they are standing in the front yard waving an smiling they looked so in love an happy ,at least I hope they were as I kept digging in my many pockets I come across a few useful items that I thought I had lost .Hard to believe in this uncertain time there would be so many pockets to have to search but it’s good to have them never know when you might come across unwanted people who might try to pull a pick pocket on ya .I would so beat down a infected for some M&M’S just saying you know how you get the oh that would taste so good yeah it’s one of them days for me ,lol or a twinkie  also missing some good old 80’s music it’s hard to live this new life without it ,I try to sing but if I keep it up pretty sure my sister Groovy is going to stuff grass in my mouth lol lov that girl all Kate does is laugh at me I love my sister’s ,maybe I should sing the I love you Barney song to them lol well until next time keep it real ,,,jenna