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Crow comes a calling

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  It’s an unsettling feeling when one is all alone walking up to a run down abandoned shack with what once look like it had life with all the bead laying about then you hear that faint erie call of the infamous black crow sitting there watching you’re every movement as if it knows this is your last moments before it gets it’s taste of a fresh meal .Sometimes you want to pick up a rock an throw it with all that you have in you but you know this creature will just land again an just wait ,try as you might you know this sends chills down that back of your spine cause our time now is not determined by old age it’s factored by survival skills ,you can run it over an over in your head to try to make sure that ultimately you do survive in a world that once was is now ruled by the will of the strong an the infected so as you try to maneuver threw life now keep in mind ,,,the Crows are waiting .