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Day One – Reconsidering

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Maybe I misjudged this place. Maybe.

It’s got a bar with… Well, not good moonshine. Wouldn’t go that far. But it’s strong enough to get nice and fucked up on and that’s something. The people I’ve met so far actually seem like they could be my kind of folks, at least once we got past initial misunderstandings surrounding my innate level of bitchiness.

Somebody mentioned a job opening to me in passing. Not one I expected to be doing… Hell, I never expected to stick around at all. But today is crammed full of surprises. If keeping the peace is what I end up doing here, then I’ll just have to kick ass at it. Maybe my old group will find their way here someday and I can rub it in their faces. You turned on me and look where I am now, fuckers!

Oh, and one last thing; apparently I’m ‘Swift’ now. I don’t hate it except for the times when I do, but it’s anyone’s guess which side of that I’ll end up on in the end. So… Thanks, Beast? Or not, depending.