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Day Zero – Not Dead Yet, Motherfuckers

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Taylor Journal_001


It’s been three days since they forced me out at gunpoint. Hungry. Dehydrated. They left me with only the bare minimum of supplies, said it was ‘common sense’ not to give an outsider more than that. That it was what I would have done in their place. They’re completely right, but still… Assholes. I only did what I had to do, not like any of you were stepping up to the plate.

Think I found somewhere¬†safe to rest up for a while, maybe find some food and a bed. Warm body to fill it would be nice. Even a hot shower, if I’m letting my hopes run away with me. Its a quiet island trading town. Even has its own little pretend police force to keep the peace. All in all, a tiny oasis of safety in the middle of this grade-A clusterfuck.

I’m sure I’ll hate it here. But you make do, right?


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