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Prayers For Arklay

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Dear, Diary

The flood waters have taken over my trailer leaving me homeless for now, which I will find shelter. Finding shelter isn’t the problem, the problem is when and if the flood is going to stop. My fear is that if the water don’t stop rising the whole island may be under water after a couple more days and on top of that it started raining again today. It has been raining a couple of hours and it don’t look like its letting up any time soon. I decided to grab my umbrella and take a walk around the island to see the damages and what the water has taken over.

While walking around the island I noticed the abandoned church that sits there with water flooded inside up to the bottom of the church pews. The church hasn’t been used since my sisters and I came to the island. I decided to scurry through the water into the church and do some heavy praying that this flood will stop soon and that my sisters and I make it through this once again another disaster, along with a prayer out to all the other people that is trying to survive on Arklay Island. I thought to myself how much that my sisters and I have been through and as soon as we start to let our guard down and feel like we have finally found a place to call home something else happens pulling our guard back up and leaving that feeling in the back of my mind we may have to move again and that no-where will be safe for too long.

The thoughts of all the tragedies that we have been through and what is happening right now has built up inside me making me weak from all the stress. I pray that I find my strength and be able to keep strong for my sisters, as a tear rolls down my left cheek I wipe it off before it rolls down my neck. I stand up after finishing up my prayer and stand there staring at the cross hanging on the wall with my mind lost in deep thought taking in all that is happening so I could grasp my mind around what I need to do and find my strength to keep fighting for that hope of a normal life.