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Everything changes, I changed… Day 1

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Today i went to scavenge a few places, but seems i was  quite late…  Actually   i think i  changed a  lot  since everything  started.. i cant even remember  the taste of  a sushi piece.. gosh i would love have one right now!

I guess  things are quite hard  today, find food.. water…  Dammit i  just  lost my gun  !

Yeah i was tryin to reach a building’s  roof … my leg got stuck in one of  the balcony’s bar and  my  holder  got damn f***ed up…  im  so  stupid, why  didnt i  took my time o think better my move, what the hell am i suppoused  to do without the gun if im in serious problems?, its just annoying,  god  knows im not quite good with mele kind of fight..

Anyways, i went around the dinner place  and i couldnt find the girl that leader the pplace so i came bck to the garage, but Dude!!!   this  guys  are getting all the  time in this rotten world  to be out there..

ehh… i think that ‘s all  for today.

Peace  out.