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Entry #2

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Well today has been a very lonely day in the streets of Arklay. It was cool and wet and just quiet.. I suppose I will have to get used to the quiet. I took some time just cleaning up the pub and making sure things were in order. I was outside looking to see if I can persuade some wanders to come enjoy some fun at the pub. Alas there was not a soul today. All I could smell is gasoline from the generators and the smell of fresh rain and rotten flesh and garbage. because I was bored decided to go rummage through the near by garbage bins and I found a joint as well as some ammo shells. I’m hoping that these things will get me something good in a trade.. But we will see. For now Its time for me to head on back to the fringe before its night time so I can take care of my animals and crops.


Maybe tomorrow Arklay.. maybe tomorrow..