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  1. Ceitidh Caldwell

    Entry #2

    Well today has been a very lonely day in the streets of Arklay. It was cool and wet and just quiet.. I suppose I will have to get used to...
  2. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Rest.

    I saw someone for the first time in months today.  And then they attacked. If it wasn’t for him I would be dead. My shoulder is fucked, he had to...
  3. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Hurry.

    Day Four, I tried to get into the town again.  It didn’t go so well. At least I know I can still run. I thought I could smell cooking food...
  4. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Loneliness.

    I tried to venture closer to the settlement today, It’s flooded with infected.  I had to turn back. I thought I saw you. It was one of them. The fog...
  5. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Hell.

    Day two and still no one. Though I dare not venture far.  Every day that passes I know I am alone, truly, alone. I could climb down and face the...
  6. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Death.

    I was lied to.  I was told there was sanctuary here. There is no one but the dead.  I am alone. I knew it. The last one. The only one....
  7. FinleyInfinity Resident


    I’ve been wandering around this city for hours now  in need of water and food, or else i’m going to pass out. Finally found a camp, Everything was blocked off...