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A job well done – 9/24/2017

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Morning came and I pulled the big, warm, furry mass closer to my chest, burring my face in the creatures mane before realizing what had occurred the day before. Startled I lifted my head and rubbed my eyes as I moved myself back slowly from the creature before realizing who or WHAT it was.

After adjusting my eyes to the brightness I realized it was Silver, He found me! By some miracle the makeshift pack I has clipped onto his back was still there too, He raised his head, tilting it slightly, giving me a soft whimper and tilt of his head. I simple smiled as tears welled up in my eyes and I hugged him, I don’t know how long I stayed like that but it was a while. After that I got up, shuffling threw the bag and getting dressed, I felt so much more like myself and with a better pair of boots, I was happy. I kneeled down and hugged him once more, a voice and foot steps caused Silver to growl, As I turned and realized it was the man from before I quickly hushed and comforted Silver, He calming quickly as the man made his request of me and that was to go around the city and salvage any metal I could find so he could reinforce some tower.

Right as I was about to leave a soft hiss came from behind us, turning, I saw a small girl, maybe twelve years old at the most, she clutched a dirty, torn teddy bear in her half rotted hand, she hissed and growled as the man made his was forward, slicing into her with a large knife. I turned away, the poor girl never stood a chance in this kind of world, no telling what horrors she saw before she turned, if she wasn’t one of the first, there was pain in my heart and the sadness on my face had to be apparent. As he finished her off I simply excused myself and Silver as we both ran off quickly back down the hill to what the man had explained to me they called ‘The Stadium’. Once on the road I found myself in front of some odd doors which seemed as if they were made of random scrap metals and I figured that perhaps there would be something inside.

As I cautiously pushed the doors open, the screech it made was loud enough for anyone, human or inhuman, to hear. I quickly went inside, closing the large door behind me as I looked around. I didn’t see anyone, All I really saw was an open building with some letters above a door, something Eight, I think? I wasn’t paying enough attention to really remember what it said but I hurried my way toward the doors, Silver in tow close behind me, as I got inside, realizing, obviously there was no door, the first thing I noticed was a cash register, don’t really know what money would be good for these days but maybe it had a purpose, it was open and, as I figured, emptied out already.

I made my way into a different part of the building where a bunch of cabinets were, I quickly began to search threw them, not finding anything useful, as I search Silver growled and I jumped up quickly, turning to see an unfamiliar man in front of her, on his his, a rather intimidating automatic rifle. I backed up until I bumped the counter and the man began questioning what was going on, I had to explain that someone sent me to look for scrap and I wasn’t looking for trouble. This expression crossed his face like he was amused at my discomfort. I folded my arms under my breasts as the expression on my face turned serious and stern.

He explained that I was lucky no one was here or else I probably would have been shot, he was right but I wasn’t so I didn’t care, the cocky expression on his face only made me a tad angry. The man clearly had an accent of some sort, similar to hers but heavier, definitely British. After a moment I made her way toward him, he blocking the door was was a bit annoying but I explained that I’ll be on my way now and he simply moved and I took off in a light jog, looking back I saw the man do something I’ve only seen in the movies, he jumped and grabbed onto some metal bars, lifting himself and doing some sort of roll as him managed to get himself on top of a fire escape like structure near the building I left. I sighed heavily as I got outside the large doors again, I continued searching all day, grabbing what I could carry and laying it outside in the yard of ‘The Stadium’. By the time I was done it was getting dark, I hadn’t seen anyone else that day and the body of the little girl was gone as well, I simply cleaned up the best I could and placed myself against the wall in bed with Silver curled up next to me as I fell asleep.


I think I did good today. A job well done.