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  1. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Rest.

    I saw someone for the first time in months today.  And then they attacked. If it wasn’t for him I would be dead. My shoulder is fucked, he had to pop it back in. I am taking shelter on some garage roof now. Completely open to the weather but I...
  2. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Hurry.

    Day Four, I tried to get into the town again.  It didn’t go so well. At least I know I can still run. I thought I could smell cooking food as I turned a corner. I got too excited, It almost got me. It’s crawling on the ground now, twitching...
  3. Sweetie

    Pot Luck

    So I turned up for my shift at the caff and OMG! It was like a bomb had hit the place! Total mess everywhere! No one around, obviously. Just loads and loads and loads of clearing up to do after that pot luck thing, obviously. And I totally mean loads....
  4. Sweetie

    blah blah blah

    So I was like heading back to mine after my shift at the caff, totally dead apart from Eve’s endless blah blah blah. Oh my gosh, does she have verbal diarea diorreah dhiariah shits or what? Does she ever like just stop? I’ve kinda managed to tune it out mostly,...
  5. Rumor

    Settled Down Into Something

    So I’ve been here like, what… two weeks? Feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago. The start was difficult. People had a right to be weary of newcomers. I am weary of them now. But I found word, made some friends, and have yet to make any one discernable enemy....
  6. Sweetie

    Curiouser and curiouser

    Weird times. So the new boss of the caff, Ashes, has only gone and brought some goats. There’s three of them, and they all look totally cute and I know I’m gonna end up giving them names and then how am I gonna kill them? It’s weird, in the woods,...