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half the island and rising

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A week into this flooding, and while it hasn’t risen higher in a few days, it is now spreading to encompass more of the island. I’ve had to bring most of my animals to the eights, which might arouse suspicion from the town. But they are too valuable to let go of. My outpost is currently under 10 feet more .I just pray the air locks on the bunker hold. Briggs and I will continue to play the good samaritans and run rescues around the flooded area. Never thought I’d be so thankful for his ugly ass boat. Not sure what to do if it continues to rise. I wish I could do more to stop it and protect the island. But we don’t have the resources to build a levee around the entire island. I guess we just keep moving up to higher grounds, or take Brigg’s boat and wave goodbye to the island.