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I hate maths!!!

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Why’s maths soo hard! But I totally need a weapon! Got cornered by a rot… just managed to limp away with rotten meat (again!) and had to lick my wounds for like ages… argh! Totally gotta get a weapon. But everything’s so expensive ffs! I mean water’s like more expensive than a spliff here. So yeah, scratch that stuff about drugs in the food, that was kinda silly I guess. But fuck, I need the munchies like I need a whole in the head right now. Gotta focus, right?

So I found some cash, and I managed to shift that diesel and I might get paid some for odd jobs, so plus the bullets I found, I’m thinking I maybe got enough for a bow and arrows. And not too soon, right? So yeah, nice lady at the food place, Anna, said I could do odd jobs for her, which is way cool of her, coz that’d be perfect so’s I can get my shit together again before I go.

OMG! Met a Brit too! Ok, so there’s this place, right, Doll House. It’s a total pamper palace, looks amazing! And they do this free bath thing. Like an actual pool, but you can totally go in and come out clean! Heaven! But it’s dodgy as fuck, pushers and prozzies everywhere. Totally head down, in out. I’m thinking freebie baths are just bait. But everything’s gotta come at a price, right? And I’m thinking Brit lady’s the boss of it… But like I said, focus. Coz that’s soo not gonna happen again.