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Be a cool fool!

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Oh my gosh… talk about a roller coaster! Still kinda like totally trying to wrap my head around it, but major wow! Coz basically… I kissed a boy and I liked it! (Soo got that song in my head now!) Well, he’s not a boy, I mean he’s like all older and everything, but you know what I mean, right? He turned up at the caff and we like got chatting and stuff. I’ve not seen him before and he said he’d been here before but kinda went walkabout a while back.

But like totally the weirdest thing was that he was deff hitting on me, but like being all super coy about it too, which was kinda sweet but just soo not what I’ve gotten used to. I mean, I’m pretty sure that he even like actually blushed! And he asked me if it was okay to kiss! I mean, like duh! And all we did was kiss, coz I got kinda stressed, you know, coz we weren’t in a private place or anything and I’m just not sure how like actually chilled people are here

And he’s for sure gay, and that’s like a huge relief, coz it’s the ones in denial you gotta watch out for, coz they can totally get their knickers in a twist about stuff big time and get all violent. You know, they totally wanna do you and then they pull a massive stressy about what they’ve just done. But whatever… I’m totally thinking he’s not like that. But the thing is, after we kissed, I kinda had to get back to work and he said he was gonna see if he could get his old job back and I’ve not seen him since!

Oh my gosh… I hope he’s okay… Coz I’m pretty sure I’ve totally got a crush on him, but I gotta be cool! Be a cool fool!