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  1. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Rest.

    I saw someone for the first time in months today.  And then they attacked. If it wasn’t for him I would be dead. My shoulder is fucked, he had to pop it back in. I am taking shelter on some garage roof now. Completely open to the weather but I...
  2. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Hurry.

    Day Four, I tried to get into the town again.  It didn’t go so well. At least I know I can still run. I thought I could smell cooking food as I turned a corner. I got too excited, It almost got me. It’s crawling on the ground now, twitching...
  3. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Loneliness.

    I tried to venture closer to the settlement today, It’s flooded with infected.  I had to turn back. I thought I saw you. It was one of them. The fog plays with the mind. Three days and still not a soul. Only them. Lonely? You can’t possibly imagine what I...
  4. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Hell.

    Day two and still no one. Though I dare not venture far.  Every day that passes I know I am alone, truly, alone. I could climb down and face the infected, I could give them mercy. But I enjoy seeing them try to get to me. It’s almost endearing, as...
  5. Ezekiel Knox

    Oh, Death.

    I was lied to.  I was told there was sanctuary here. There is no one but the dead.  I am alone. I knew it. The last one. The only one. It’s just me now. And that’s okay. Really, I am okay. When God is gone and the devil takes hold,...