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  1. Alectra St Claire

    Trial by Fire

    I know people look at me and wonder “what happened to her”, well after they lose that look of pity. “Oh the poor girl” they say, I hate that, and that’s the reason I avoid everyone when I can or cover up and keep my hair down. I survived after...
  2. Alectra St Claire


      I was a little depressed this morning when I first got up, I’m still crashing at the hospital since I havent found a place safe enough to move into. All the rooms at both the apartment and motel are taken as well as any homes still secure enough to...
  3. Alectra St Claire

    Day 4 – Unproductive

    I’m starting to wonder, do the days really matter when they all seem the same? I got up early and decided to see if I could find a room somewhere or maybe a house that looked somewhat safe, but after a lot of wandering I came up empty. I’ll keep...
  4. Alectra St Claire

    First Night

    I met V when I first arrived, he’s the leader of the TFR and seems like a very nice guy. As usual despite the world ending around us, I just couldn’t help myself and it turned into a flirty conversation. Lord help me I’m terrible I know. Other than that...