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  1. Regin Dragovar

    Damn Lucky

    It never turns out like it does in the movies, but at least nobody died. Nobody who wasn’t dead already. I prefer hunting them. Nobody rushing in blind with panicked...
  2. Sweetie


    So I’ve kinda slipped back into the old routine pretty easy like nothing much’s changed. Jenna’s there when I get to the caff for my shift which is cool. The...
  3. kendall69-resident

    6 Days

    He went missing for six days, had me worried sick…i couldn’t help myself as i wandered into the main land to see if i can find him… My heart bleed...
  4. Regin Dragovar

    Little Sister

    I ran into Awna today hunting in the woods outside town. Talk about a small world. Kid gave me a hug like I mattered to her. When I asked about...