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  1. Aiyana

    It happened again

    There I was, starting my shift at the Pub, mopping, dusting and performing to my non existent crowd. Just as I finished and and took a seat behind the bar, he showed up again. Wasn’t the first time I’ve seen him but this time he was a little more engaged.....
  2. chaves shu


    2-7-2014 – Canada. To my Mammushka…   Ihave been away for a couple of months now… I miss you my mammushka! Life used to be so easy and things seemed to be so fair. Now I am far away from you and home and I don’t know how you are...
  3. Cobb

    The Change before Christmas

    Christmas?  The fuck for? I don’t get it. Some people seem really in the holiday spirit. The world teeters on the brink, and they still go through the motions. Let them. It shouldn’t phase me that badly. Any measure of goodwill in this crazy, twisted world is for the better....
  4. geoffrey welders

    It’s Been a Struggle

    Day 208 on Arklay Island. It’s been a time. It’s been a struggle, but we’re mostly done with this year already. I’m pretty happy seeing it go. Things weren’t great and they could of been worse. Maybe next year won’t be so bad. I really rather doubt it though. We’ve...
  5. Jared Owen Moreau

    Arklay Island

    I’ve been scowering the land for weeks upon weeks before I arrived at a very large bridge with a tunnel. I had weighed against going there, but from the signs of it, there were supposed to be other survivors and since my last group didn’t make it for as long...
  6. Neaira Aszkenaze

    Day two

    Yesterday I got an all clear at the shelter, and some food and water. I also met some friendly people. Shit – I am not good at this. I never really liked keeping a journal. Tried several times when I was growing up, but it never felt right. It was...