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  1. geoffrey welders

    I’m a Man of Arklay

    Day 881 since the Outbreak My mornings aren’t so different as they once were. Before everything fell apart, I had a routine going: wake up, toilet, wash, get a drink and stare out the window. Usually, I had a pretty early start on the day, so there wasn’t much to...
  2. geoffrey welders


    Day 343 on Arklay Island San Mora lies ahead. I’m determined to go, just not in the first wave of everyone else. Few of the others here on the island got this crazy idea to go by raft. I’m not too partial on the idea of coasting on water. Going...
  3. geoffrey welders

    The Hardest Part of Moving On

    Day 336 on Arklay Island. They say the hardest part of moving on is leaving pieces of yourself behind. That’s pretty much the case here lately. I’m leaving a lot behind. Moved out of that trailer I been working so hard on to greener, better pastures. It’s just a place...
  4. geoffrey welders

    It’s Been a Struggle

    Day 208 on Arklay Island. It’s been a time. It’s been a struggle, but we’re mostly done with this year already. I’m pretty happy seeing it go. Things weren’t great and they could of been worse. Maybe next year won’t be so bad. I really rather doubt it though. We’ve...
  5. geoffrey welders

    You’re Lucky to Walk Out Alive

    Day 201 of being on Arklay Island. Been a bit since I last updated. Better late than never though, am I right? At least I’m still making updates to this thing. My story’s still going on when others have stopped. Should say I’m thankful for that, but honestly I couldn’t....